Feb 8, 2017


The North Face hyperair GTX rain jacket, Under Armour cold gear long sleeve shirt, Girlfriend Collective leggings, Nike flyknit running shoes, Ray-Ban aviators
If you're into nature and adventure, Patagonia is a must-do. Patagonia is a huge region (402,700 mi²) that crosses through the south of Argentina and Chile with the Andes Mountains dividing the border. Due to the scale of Patagonia you can experience it in so many different ways. Josh and I only had 4-days to explore Patagonia so decided with the stop-and-go route rather than the week long hike. We planned everything independently of each other and created our own itinerary to do all the activities we wanted to do. Perito Moreno Glacier and Torres Del Paine were high priority items on our list. Planning Patagonia wasn't easy, so I'd love to share my itinerary with you along with some tips. See below to see it all. 

Feb 6, 2017


Lucca Couture ruffle off the shoulder blouse, vintage earrings from Austin, American Eagle shorts, Apple Watch stainless steel with pink leather buckle
Patagonia is breathtaking and nothing like I could have ever imagined. Seeing pictures of it is one thing, but being situated there is another. Josh and I started our Patagonia adventure in El Calafate which is a small town on the edge of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. We stayed at Design Suites Calafate which was one of the nicer hotels here, yet still affordable. Getting here was quite the journey since the suite was located on the outskirts of town with nothing but dirt and land around it. We also had a crazy cab driver driving 90mph over dirt roads, cutting other drivers off, and the rickety car didn't help either. Regardless, once we got to our destination we were in complete awe and soaking it all in. I would definitely recommend staying here if you travel to El Calafate as the view is priceless. See below for more pictures taken at our beautiful suite. 

Jan 31, 2017


Dress from Azalea, Kenneth Cole kam leather sneakers, Prada sunglasses
Day 2 in Buenos Aires was spent exploring Palermo which ended up being my favorite part of Buenos Aires. Known as the trendier area, Palermo was full of vibrant and colorful alleys, bars or cafe's on every block, and amazing shopping. Open air markets, cute boutiques, mainstream stores, you name it they had it. It was New Years eve when I traveled here so unfortunately most places were closed, but on the bright side the emptiness of the city made for great blog photos. We also rang in the New Year in Palermo at a cooking class dinner, The Argentine Experience which was a blast. We learned to make cocktails, empanadas, and alfajores, while being accompanied with an open-bar with other travelers. One of my highlights was sharing life stories with other travelers and somehow teaching everyone slang terms such as "it's lit" to ring in the New Year with spunk. That along with champagne toasts at midnight made it an unforgettable start to 2017. Click below to see the photos.