MIH JEANS: Spring/Summer 2011 look book ad campaign
Believe it or not, yes the 70's trend is creeping up on us. One of the hottest trends of Spring 2011 is the return of flare denim and trousers. Unlike, the 70's where flared denim had more of a "bohemian" inspired look, this year designers are breaking in the 70's trend in a cool, crisp and classic way. Flared denim is now chic and stylish, and the denim piece that every fashionista needs in their closet this year!
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H&M high-waisted flared denim, vintage sheer blouse, F21 leopard skinny belt/bangles, chunky heels from Target. 
1. Top it off with Modernity: Wear a modern top to maintain a current look. Just because the denim derived from 70's fashion doesn't mean you have to look like you're from the 70's. I find that wearing a collared button up shirt is an easy solution because it matches flared denim well and offers a simple yet modern and polished look.
2. High-Waisted and Belted: High-waisted denim works favorably in the case of flared denim. How and why? The higher-waist immediately adds a couple more inches to your physique supporting the long length look of flared denim. It helps create a taller illusion making your legs instantly look longer and leaner. And of course, belt it. It add's fashionable detailing to your waistline while highlighting your hips.
3. Loose Knees to Extreme Flare: Make sure the opening of the flare starts accentuating at the knee's leading to an extreme flare, (wider than your feet) on the bottom hemline. Back in the 70's and 90's (when flared denim first re-appeared) most flared denim were tight around the thighs/knees and flared below the knee cap. This look, created a more "hippie" appeal. To keep a current and modern take on flared denim make sure it's a steady flow of width increase, starting with it being loose at the knee's.
4. Wedges or Heels: Most flared denim are made to be long because the length helps support the increase of width. Because the majority of us aren't naturally 5'7" and above, support the flared denim length by using heels to boost you up. This will make you taller, and allow the flared denim to "float" above the ground. You never want your denim to drag across the floor. I also find chunky heels to be the most appealing because the thick stature of the heel further supports the thick-wide take on flared denim.

Flared denim on the runway, Spring 2011
1. ELIE TAHARI: all out denim, flared denim with denim top, belted with a skinny belt.
2. 7 FOR ALL MANKIND: look book Spring 2011
3. DEREK LAM: Spring 2011 runway, Flared denim worn with a silk white blouse.

1. Audrina Patridge in high waisted flare denim, worn with heels and belted at the hips
2. Rachel Zoe in extreme flare denim, worn professionally with a black blazer
3. Kourtney Kardashian wearing flared denim, belted at the hips and worn with a modern silk blouse
photos taken by bonnienguy


Gwyneth Paltrow in a Calvin Klein Collection column dress, Brian Atwood pumps and Louis Vuitton earrings, ring and brooch. I was stunned when Gwyneth Paltrow walked down the red carpet in this classic, chic Calvin Klein dress. So simple yet elegant and gracefully defined. I love how the dress just falls down her body like liquid metal, lengthening her figure with sheen. The high waisted slit and thin, low-cut v-neck also add a subtle twist of sexiness. 

Halle Berry in a Marchesa nude crystal-encrusted gown with a ruffled train, Christian Louboutin heels and 10-carat diamond Neil Lane earrings.  What's not to love? This dress fits her perfectly, is snug around the torso and shows off her sexy curves. The color perfectly blends with her skin tone and the subtle crystals just add that glamorous sparkle. I absolutely love the ruffled tulle train as well, its not too big yet not too small and the fabric is so angelic.

Natalie Portman in a violet Rodarte gown with Swarovski crystal beadings, Jimmy Choo heels, Tiffany & Co jewelry and a Roger Vivier clutch. Natalie Portman is stunning in this flawless violet gown that just delicately drapes over her pregnant belly! The violet is so pure and rich and screams Oscar worthy. I also love how the off-the shoulder top hugs her shoulders exposing a bare chest. Her delicate accessories such as her earrings finish off this opulent look to perfection.

Mila Kunis stole the show for me in this lavender lace Elie Saab Haute Couture gown with a grosgrain ribbon waist, paired with Neil Lane diamond earrings.  This dress is feminine, sexy, sheer, elegant, soft and unique. It's everything a woman can hope to be walking down the red carpet, and it suits Mila Kunis wonderfully. The soft lavender really highlights her complexion and I'm in love with the deep v-neck back and soft train that gracefully falls from her waistline both front and back. It's like a cascading waterfall of perfection. My absolute favorite! 

Selena Gomez in a Dolce and Gabbana red gown and Justin Beiber in a Dolce and Gabbana black suit. I was actually quite happy to see that the couple finally confirmed their relationship to the public by arriving hand-in-hand to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. (although we all knew it already). I think they make quite a pair. I have also always been fond of Selena Gomez' style and absolutely adore this red D&G dress on her. The deep v-neck is so fitting with this classic but simple red gown. I also love how the fabric has a delicate twist to it which is mildly cinched with a silk waistband. The dress is classic, elegant and extremely lady-like and looks absolutely adoring on Selena Gomez.
photos courtesy of: people.com, thevoguediaries.com and ew.com



unknown photograph; via: viktorialove.com
During New York Fashion Week, long skirts/maxi skirts were adorned and constantly repeated on the runway in various collections. Jason Wu, Emilio Pucci, Richard Chai, Diane Von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Vena Cava and Isaac Mizrahi are just a few designers that represented maxi skirts in their Fall 2011 collection. This reinvention of the maxi skirt is conservative, comfortable and simple but still super hot and trendy! In the fashion world, styles always come and go. This year, it's time to turn heads with the come-back of styles from the past, and the maxi skirt is just uttering the beginning. 
ME wearing maxi skirt found through Beso.com, Steve Madden clogs, H&M fringe handbag, Uniqlo v-neck tee and vintage thrifted belt

So on a personal note, I was approached by Beso.com, an emerging fashion and lifestyle website! I was quite pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to come across several cute maxi skirts, all conveniently placed on one website. I was able to find my favorite maxi skirt within just 5 minutes! =O. This website is definitely worth checking out for your next shopping endeavor!

1. Simplicity is key: Because maxi skirts denote simplicity and comfort, stick to this look by pairing the maxi skirt with a simple and comfortable top. This creates a casual and effortless look while unifying a balance of style. Wearing a solid colored top in a different color than the maxi skirt works great, because it also creates a color-block interest.
2. Cotton it up: This is the skirt you want to wear a cotton tee with. It all goes back to casual comfort. What's more comfortable than a plain cotton tee? ........ exactly, nothing! The majority of maxi skirts are made of jersey cotton, pima/modal or rayon. Support this fabrication choice by wearing a top in a similar fabric. It'll further help identify the casual look of a maxi skirt.
3. Tuck it in: Tuck in your shirt to help identify your waist line. Sometimes a waistline can get easily lost in translation when wearing a long skirt. Avoid this missing hipline by tucking in your shirt. Feel free to accentuate your waistline by using a belt (like me). In addition, because a maxi skirt is also very long in length, tucking in your shirt also helps break up components, identifying where the maxi skirt begins.

1. DRIES VAN NOTEN purple maxi skirt, paired with a loose green knit sweater tee
2. MICHAEL KORS black maxi skirt, belted and toped with a white tee and camel trench coat
3. H&M ad black maxi skirt paired with a comfortable white cotton tee
STREET STYLE during New York Fashion Week
1. Geri Hirsch wearing a black jersey skirt, and a turband!
2. Hanneli wearing a green maxi skirt, belted and with a white jersey shirt. 
1. Olivia Palermo wearing a green maxi skirt, simple white jersey tee and leather jacket
2. Olivia Palermo wearing a flouncy, floral maxi skirt
3. Ashely Olsen wearing a black maxi skirt and a deep v-neck white tee

photos taken by bonnienguy



DOMINATE IN BLACK fashion trend 2011, how to wear all black, fashion, christine yun
ALEXANDER WANG: pre fall/winter runway collection 2011
Some say that black is the absence of color, that it is achromatic or even hue-less. While all adjectives are accurate, in the fashion world, black is everything else but boring. Black is fierce, black is bold, black is sexy, simple, stunning, flawless and powerful. Project Runway's season 4 contestant winner, Christian Siriano dominated the runway in a collection of breathtaking black apparel. While it stands true, as Michael Kors once said that "so much can get lost in black", the key success to wearing all black elegantly and non gothic-like is breaking up textures and mixing up proportions accordingly. So yes, be fierce in nothing but black, and show the world who's boss.
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ME wearing Mink Pink high-waisted shorts, Nordstrom shirt, H&M scarf, Ray Ban aviators and Belle by Sigerson Morrison booties.
1. Texture it up: One key element to wearing all black, and not getting lost within the magnitude of black, is by breaking up textures. Meaning, make sure you wear different materials of black within the outfit. This will help create dimension and contrast within the outfit, allowing viewers to see the different elements of each apparel piece. So, avoid looking like a big blob of black by texturing it up!
2. Mix up your proportions: An easy and powerful way to show off the different elements of each apparel piece is by mixing up proportions. When you wear 1 slim clothing item and 1 full clothing item and combine them together, you instantly form distinct depth perception within the outfit. This creates interest and variability while making it obvious that your outfit is composed of different layers of black apparel.
3. Show off some skin: When you cover your entire body with black, it's easy for people to get confused and think you may be on your way to a dreary event... if you know what I mean. To avoid this attention, show off your skin to stir sexiness while using your skin to show off distinction. Something as simple as wearing open front heels, a low-cut shirt or even a skirt or shorts work great!
4. Use a simple and powerful accessory: Because wearing all black can become a danger zone, an easy way to help break up this "all black" spell is by using a fun accessory that well, isn't all black! You can do this by wearing jewelry (like Kim Kardashian) , a scarf (like me), or even a bright red handbag! (such as Rachel Bilson). There's no better way to finish off an outfit, then with a personal accessory piece!

VERA WANG: pre fall 2011 runway: Mixing up textures with black (feathers, sheer, wool & leather).
Volume within the cape/coat.
DKNY Fall 2011 runway. Breaking up textures in black. "Accessory" combo is the white collar.
Bare legs and a sheer shirt help show off some skin.   
1. Victoria Beckham: Sheen to blazer creates variability while the v-neck/cropped blazer & pumps help show off some skin.
2. Kim Kardashian: wearing black fur vest, silk blouse and leather boots. Using silver accessories to break it up. 
Rachel Bilson: wearing all black, a voluminous casual vest cape and a red Miu Miu purse. 
photo's taken by: mandywong



RUFFLES + FLORAL = A FEMININE TWIST OF LOVE & SPRING how to wear floral print, spring 2011 trends, fashion trends,
DOLCE AND GABBANA ad campaign for Spring/Summer 2011. Photographed by Mario Testino. 
There's no better way to prepare for the flirtiest season of the year then by dousing yourself in floral and ruffles. The bright and pretty color combinations of the floral help produce a cheery vibe, while the ruffles add delicacy and femininity. With spring just looming around the corner, why not start the season off right, with a joyful attitude in colorful floral apparel!

ME wearing TopShop floral dress, F21 necklace, knee high socks and faux fur vest, bangles from World Market and Target heels.
1. Feminine shoes feet: Keep it feminine and appealing by wearing lady-like footwear that compliment your outfit. Strive away from pairing your floral apparel with sneakers, and instead choose flats, heels, or appropriate boots. If going for a more refined look, find foot wear in lighter shades such as white, tan or in a light color thats represented on your floral apparel. Whatever you do, do NOT wear footwear in a bright, bold color. This can create create a tacky appearance, and you want the focal point of your outfit to be the floral, not your hot pink heels.
2. Use minimal accessories to enhance the look: Accessories are an outfits best friend, and in this case use them to your advantage, but use them appropriately. Because many floral dresses often flare out below the waistline, using a belt to help cinch the waist can help define your figure. Using jewelry such as a pendant necklace, (in my case), or simple earrings such as flower studs or gold hoop's can help accentuate the flirty and feminine look. And word of advice: gold always pairs best with floral.
3. Cardigans: The easiest jacket to pair with a floral apparel is a cardigan. It's lightweight, easy, complimentary, feminine and polished. If going for that girly look, you can never go wrong with a cardigan. Yet depending on your personal style, there are tons of other jackets that look good with floral. I personally like wearing my denim cropped jacket with floral because the denim adds a more casual, street-wear appeal to the outfit. Whatever you do, make it your own and have fun in this girly trend!

Leighton Meester in an Alice & Olivia floral dress with ruffles across the neckline.
Natalie Portman in a Rodarte floral dress, all-over ruffles and Christian Dior heels. 
1.Taylor Swift in an Amy Claire floral dress
2. Jessica Alba in a Christian Dior floral dress
photos taken by: mandywong



SEXY IN SNAKESKIN spring 2011 trend, fashion trends, 
Anabella Barber for Black Magazine wearing snakeskin bodysuit by Zimmermann and leather shorts by Lisa Ho.
There is nothing more appealing than pairing two sexy complimentary fabrics together such as leather & lace (last year's hot trend), or leather & SNAKESKIN (spring 2011's hottest new trend). I love snakeskin because the pattern creates a compelling statement in a subtle way. In addition, the texture and pattern help tie together an exotic vibe through effortless luxe. In the past, snakeskin was most often used in accessories such as handbags or heels and flats. Yet this year, designers are breaking away from traditional norms and incorporating snakeskin in everyday wear. Whether you decide to wear hints of snakeskin or a full on snakeskin dress, be sexy in this new exotic trend!
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ME wearing H&M snakeskin print romper & leather blazer, Moms vintage pearls, Chloe paraty python handbag and Belle by Sigerson Morrison booties.

1. Snakeskin and solid print: Pairing snakeskin with another pattern is tricky because snakeskin in itself is already an overelaborate print. Therefore, when wearing snakeskin, let this piece take on the show and keep everything else solid print. This is the best way to keep a consistent look and the safest way to refrain from an unsettling look.
2. Bold it up with contrasting accessories: Create a juxtaposition by pairing it with an unexpected accessory combo. One great thing about snakeskin is that it surprisingly pairs well with different trend-tentional accessories. Like who would have thought snakeskin and pearls could look so seamless? Accessories is also the best way to bring color into the outfit. Wearing a bold colored necklace or bold colored set's of bracelets can help liven up your outfit.
3. Keep it classy: Snakeskin already provides a sexy and exotic appeal. Therefore, there's no need to intentionally add on to that by buying a snakeskin dress, that's body hugging, low-cut, AND with netted detailing (trust me I've seen it before =X). You wan't to look effortlessly sexy, not promiscuously, hooker sexy. So, keep it subtly sexy and classy by having the snakeskin piece be more conservative, or by pairing it with professional attire.

1. BURBERRY snakeskin trenchcoat
2. THAKOON conservative snakeskin dress
3. ROBERTO CAVALLI snakeskin dress with fringe accessories
1. Rihanna wearing snakeskin shirt vest and professional trousers.
2. Kate Moss in BALMAIN snakeskin pants paired with black everything else, professional blazer. 
Erin Wasson for Zadig Et Voltaire s/s 2011 in a snakeskin blazer and casual denim shorts
photography credit: mandywong




Model Katie Fogarty by Aitken Jolly for Wonderland magazine, Spring 2009
One of Spring 2011's hottest accessory item is the turban. But don't let the name fool you! This Arabian inspired headwear is surprisingly wearable and does just the trick to add that bold, mysterious touch to an outfit. Turbans first made their debut in fashion when Audrey Hepburn donned it in the 1954 classic, Sabrina. Since it's big comeback, many designers have been experimenting with different variations of the turban. Giorgio Armani's goes fierce in his spring 2011 runway show with accentuated turbans that cover the entirety of the head. Vena Cava, on the other hand, provides a much more minimalistic approach to the turban, making it appear more like a thick headband worn across the upper forehead. (a.k.a a turband). Regardless of it's approach, this stylish trend is easy to wear, creates a unique fashion statement and exudes a sense of courage and allure.

Etsy.com turband, Nordstrom sweater, A&F denim cut-off's, Balenciaga handbag, Dolce Vita Pela wedges and me walking my beagle, Peaches! Love her to death!
1) Play around with your favorite small silk scarf: If you're not ready to commit to a turban but want to test out the look, adopt the trend with a scarf! (a thin/light scarf) All you do is: fold the scarf horizontally to about 3" thick, place it in the back of your head, bring it to the front, tie it, then twist the remaining ends and tuck it in! Voila! Easy way to see the turban trend on you!
2) Keep the top of your head flat: If wearing a turband like mine, place it on the upper forehead and make sure the top part of your hair lays flat. Sometimes a turband, especially a slippery one if made of silk, can get pushed up causing the top of your hair to form unintended volume. Turbans are essentially made to hug your head by being held tightly in place. To strive away from a contradictory look, aim to keep the top of your head flat.
3) Let the turban pop!: Allow the turban to pop and bulge out from your head to create a statement. An easy way to do this is by creating a knot in the center of the front. Also experiment! Choose fun, bold colors and fabrics (such as velvet). Choose some in a fun print and pattern (but please do pair it with a neutral outfit if so). Turbans are made to stir attention so let it do just that! Yet, if you're not so daring yet, choose black made of jersey cotton. Black goes with everything and the jersey cotton provides a casual look.

VENA CASA: Spring 2011 runway. Variations of the turban trend. 
Model Nataliya Piro for Women's Direct. Dark green velvet turban. 
Mary Kate Olsen: black turband, worn above the forehead, knotted across the front.
Some of my favorite turban pieces:
1) Revolve Clothing: Lula Turban $77
2) Etsy: Gold Studded Turban $20
3) Karma Loop: Black Velvet Turband $38
photography credit: challyuism