Jul 30, 2012


On an unintended visit to Gap during a brunch outing, me and two other girlfriends all ended up buying this same neon pink tee. Although casual in style, the color was what did it to transform otherwise a simple v-neck tee to a trendy v-neck tee. I've been noticing a strong attachment to simple shirts lately, I blame it on the hot weather and overuse of statement necklaces. 
Gap v-neck tee, Insight denim shorts (similar here and here), Topshop necklace, Report heels, vintage Gucci purse

photos taken by mandywong

Jul 16, 2012


I've always been an accessories junkie and love how the statement piece necklace is back on trend now with a neon twist. It's always only a matter of time when designers start combining two popular trends together to create for one statement piece. For me, the obvious reason to love the chunky necklace is due to its ability to embellish even a basic white tee. 

American Apparel v-neck tee, H&M necklace (somewhat similar hereZara skirt, Michael Kors watch

photos taken by mandywong

Jul 11, 2012


I haven't shopped at American Eagle in years, but decided to walk in being aware of their awesome shorts collection. It's pretty amazing making purchases from brands I used to love in the past and finding that the quality of clothes has increased since. Maybe its time I check out other stores I used to love in my high school days: A&F, Bebe and Guess just to name a few. 

American Eagle shorts, Zara shirt, Aldo booties (similar here and here), Alexander Wang rocco handbag, thrifted belt 

photos taken by mandywong

Jul 8, 2012


DRESS AND BOOTSI spent the first half of my Sunday celebrating my friend Tiff's birthday by drinking bottomless mimosas at brunch and the 2nd half of my Sunday celebrating my Moms birthday. I felt that this outfit would be appropriate for both occasions and also comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. Don't you love pieces that can be transferable from day to night?
Cheap Monday dress (now on sale), Vince leather jacket, necklace from a street fair (similar here and here), Nordstorm boots (somewhat similar here and here), Rebecca Minkoff clutch
photos taken by jasonkwan

Jul 2, 2012


Sometimes it can get tricky finding things to wear for "support" with backless tops. Sure, there's backless bras, low-cut bras, and pasties but what to do when your shirt is mesh, even in front? I've started to think that this $16 piece of fabric aka my bralette, has become a great outfit remedy. Seriously don't know how I lived without one before. 

Silence & Noise shirt (somewhat similar here)Urban Outfitters bralette, H&M skirt and bag, Zara heels (similar here), F21 necklace
photos taken by mandywong