I took these photos in a random alley way while shopping on Valencia Street yesterday. One thing I love about San Francisco is that there are hidden gems all over the city. Gems as in stores, restaurants, and places to take really interesting photos. This whole garage door with an imbedded door was too interesting to pass up and not use as a background. The black also ended up contrasting pretty well with my red pants that I've been living in the past month ever since I hemmed them (first worn here). I used to habitually alter my clothes and recently started doing it again. I forgot just how much of a difference alterations can make! It really helps increase the longevity of your clothes too. 
H&M red pants (similar here & here) and necklace, Gap chambray shirt (similar here & here), Vince leather jacket,
Dolce Vita oxfords (similar here & here), vintage belt, vintage Gucci handbag, Marc Jacobs watch

photos by jasonk



Anybody into football? I've never been much of a football fan but have actually been keeping up with this seasons game due to all the football BBQ parties I've been attending. (Helps that Jasons always the one hosting them too). Watching today's 49ers vs Falcons game was so nerve-wrecking/exciting, and I was so happy and proud when the 49ers won! We're advancing to the Super Bowl baby! I've had my mini Pashli for a few weeks now and this weekend was my first time wearing it out. The color of my handbag which happens to be the color of the 49ers (red and gold) made it the perfect weekend to take it out to play. My inconspicuous way of representing the 49ers. ;) 

Zara coat, jeans (similar here and here), and wedges (similar here and here), Forever21 sweater, 3.1 Phillip Lim mini pashli,
Michael Kors watch, thrifted belt (similar here)

photos by jasonkwan



I bought this sweater in Korea last year purely because of what was written on it, "the only bit of sun in the past week". You'd be amazed at the Engrish (poorly written English that doesn't make sense) that goes on in Asia, but I was surprised that this sentence actually made sense. I had to buy it.
This week has been going extremely slow for me and has been full of both bad and good news. A weird mix putting me in this state of perplexity and funk. I'm hoping that the rest of the week will pick up. Set dinner plans with friends tomorrow and class on Friday seems to be promising in regards to ending my week on a brighter note. Seeing familiar faces and socializing with great company is always a plus. 



Although it's only January, every time Spring rolls around I find myself obsessed with all things prints and patterns. It's the most basic way to jazz up a wardrobe and the prints itself have a tendency to carry around a certain mood. Polka dots, animal head prints and stripes are some that I look forward to sporting this coming year. 
All photos courtesy of Jak&Jil and StreetFSN



I'm not that tall (5'3.5" to be exact) so sometimes it's hard for me to find maxi skirts that help elongate my figure. Yet, I've come to appreciate the simplicity of high slitted maxi skirts for its ability to make you look taller in a subtle way. I've particular grown fond of the one slitted maxi skirt because of its ability to shift your eyes to one leg. When your eyes are fixed on something asymmetrical, your mind will shift towards the "heavier" portion (here being the leg) and place more emphasize on it, meaning you can appear even taller. Although I'm happy with my height, I'm glad that simple things like a slitted maxi skirt can help accentuate some womanly body features. ;) 

River Island maxi skirt, Patterson Kincaid tank (old), Vince leather jacket (old from 2010 but similar here and here),
Zara heels and clutch, UO necklace (similar here and here), Michael Kors watch

photos by mandywong