Coincidence & Chance sweater (similar here & here), Zara cape coat (similar here & here),
Cable knit sweaters have been a classic trend rooting back from the maritime days and have since then turned into a stable piece found in almost every fashionistas closet. One thing I particularly love about cable knit sweaters is the functionality behind the weaving (did you know that the weave helps insulate heat?) along with the patterned details crafted from cable knitting. While some articles of clothing are meant for males or females, cable knit sweaters are unisex looking particularly well on all. Thus, if there's any one sweater that I'd recommend you keeping or purchasing this winter the cable knit sweater is my suggested must-have. 



Zara scarf (similar one here & here) and cropped sweater, black silk Cami,  American Apparel leggings,
Louise et Cie boots, LV Speedy Bandouliere

When it comes to keeping warm my goal is to be comfortable and cozy and my go-to accessory for achieving this is through a scarf. The blanket scarf in particular has been a favorite winter piece of mine for its versatility in structure and its ability to dramatically keep me warm. The size makes it easy to wrap around your body, while the fabric makes it easy to bundle up into. While it never gets that cold in California, having something as versatile as a scarf definitely helps keep me temperature regulated. Anyways, I hope you all had a very merry holiday and have a great New Years! 



Brandy Melville cami, Levi's Made & Crafted boyfriend jeans, Zara heels, Van Cleef and Arpels necklace
Aside from skinnies, if there's one pair of jeans you must own in your closet this year its definitely boyfriend jeans. I purchased these with the intention of wearing them during my lazy days but I've surprised myself with the amount of wear I've gotten from them during my non-lazy days. What I appreciate most about them is how effortlessly flawless they looked paired with heels. The loose jean + heel combo gives off a cool vibe thats evident that you care about fashion but in a casual way. Heels also help break up the "boyfriend" look with a feminine touch. While not all boyfriends may be keepers, these boyfriend jeans definitely are. Slouchy all around, yet cuffed perfectly at the ankles, boyfriend jeans seem to flatter your curves in the most unconventional way. 



Top shop button-up jacket, F21 skirt and rings, Dogeared necklaces
This particular oversized button-up has traveled all across Europe and the states with me serving its purpose as my go-to lightweight travel jacket. If clothes could speak this particular piece would have stories of its own. With Fall settling in I've attracted my closet with pieces great for layering: camis, long sleeved shirts, button-ups, sweaters and etc. Likewise, there's also been a gravitational shift towards fall colors such as army green and burgundy especially since they compliment neutrals quite well. Because it's finally starting to feel like Fall in California, I'm expecting more layering and fall colors in my life starting with this oversized army shirt. 



Zara romper, vintage cowboy boots
These photos were all taken at Coyote Hills Regional Park. The park where I first learned to ride a bicycle, experienced my first hike and where the inception of many trendenvy photos begun. When I re-visited this park I was alarmed to see the severity of the California drought exemplified in the dried up pond. (click below for more photos). A landscape that I've never encountered during my 20+ years of visiting Coyote Hills. Although water is a natural resource, the scarcity of water and depletion of resources through human consumption is one we need to spread awareness on. Being mindful of habits that effect the environment at large is the first step in helping preserve mother nature. For a fun way to find out your behavioral impacts on water and tips on how to help conserve water, take this fun water footprint calculator test



American Apparel denim shirt, Zara shorts, vintage cowboy boots, Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Ray-Ban aviators
It's hard to tell in photos but it was blistering, humid hot in Austin this day. So hot, that my sunglasses kept slipping off my damp nose and so humid that taking photos was the least of our worries because it just became uncomfortable movement. Needless to say, as a lover of shorts and everything cropped I'd choose heat over cold weather any day. Every time I travel I always return home with a more refined appreciation for California, this time being for California's weather. It's funny how people take for granted the things in life that they become the most accustomed to. Whether it's the weather, their relationships or even clean water. While my trip was short and sweet, I got to experience everything that makes Texas, Texas including the hot humid summer. 



Vintage fringe boots, Brandy Melville sweater (similar here), Zara hat, Paige shorts, Proenza Schouler PS11 handbag

One thing I love about traveling is shopping for vintage and handmade goods, especially from cities with eclectic personalities such as Austin. After spending a day in Dallas me and Debra took off for Austin and headed straight to South Congress. Although a condensed street, the wide array of shops, restaurants and thrift stores made this street very time spendable. It reminded me a bit of Haight Street in San Francisco, except of course with a Texas flare. We wandered into Feathers Boutique and both our eyes immediately drew to these black fringe boots staring at us from the window. I often consider myself unlucky for having abnormally small feet except for those instances where I'm shopping and all that's left is a size 5.5-6 which happens to be my size. These one of a kind size 6 boots were the perfect compliment for my petite feet and I immediately threw them on after purchasing so they could explore Austin, TrendEnvy style. 



F21 blouse, H&M shorts, Proenza Schouler PS11, Prada sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, Henri Bendel bangle
Last weekend was spent in Dallas visiting one of my dear friends Debra, whom I've known for 16+ years and that I consider my fashionista twin. It was my first time traveling to Texas and as a great host, she took me to several amazing places to eat and of course the flagship Neiman Marcus located in the heart of Downtown Dallas (where these photos were taken). During my short stay in Dallas, I literally had the best milkshake (caramel & sea salt milkshake from Hopdoddy), corn (from a cart) and creamsicle (from steel city pop) of my life. Talk about calorie heaven. Although I despise humidity, the pounding Texas heat combined with all the walking we did made all the calorie consumption forgivable. Workout to pig out should be everyones motto when in Texas. 



Diggin' the cuffed up pants and slim fit everything on these boys at New York Fashion Week 2014.
click below for more inspiration



Zara Dress and heels, Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Dogeared earrings

This past weekend was probably one of the best weekends I've had in a while. In celebration of Labor Day I tucked away my laptop and refused to do anything "work related" this entire weekend. The 3-day mental break really helped amp up energy levels and also allowed me to fully appreciate my time spent with friends. My once mental exhaustion turned into mental relaxation, so I found myself with all this extra energy causing me to consistently be out and about. Some highlights from this past weekend consisted of enjoying fresh oysters at Tomales Bay, karaoke'ing to Britney Spears and Beyonce, meeting the tallest guy ever (6'9" to be exact), doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) and getting my shopping fix on Santana Row (where these photos were taken). 

For someone like me that's always on the go and pretty iPhone reliant, a portable charger is a must. Thus, I recently partnered up with Lumsing, a product line of chargers and fell in love with their sleek Harmonica model. It features two outlets, is extremely sturdy and quickly charges. I've even found myself using it around the house when I'm not near a wall plug. Lucky for you, Lumsing is offering $5 off the Harmonica Model with code: ILUMSING at checkout. This charger has become my purse companion and I highly recommend it for anyone that travels or is tech reliant. Shop their store here



Zara leather biker jacket (similar Free People jacket) and heels, H&M croptop (similar one here), River Island maxi skirt,
necklaces from Etsy (initialbar), Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere (buy one preowned from Fashionphile)
It's ironic how even after I've graduated, I'm still just as busy and possibly even more so busy. I've been balancing a median of work, my start-up business Plume and my social life while throwing in tidbits of vacations, athleticism and blogging into my life. I always joke about how I wish I could live two lives to do all the things I love without constantly feeling overwhelmed, but I'm starting to realize that I just have that type-a personality where I also thrive under pressure. Battle of my own ambitions as I would say. That being said, my style these days have turned into versatile basics that I can just throw on while having 1 key element that still says fashion-forward me. Can you guess what that piece is in here (hint: it's silver). While I miss blogging as often as I used to, blogging has definitely been and is one of my escapes for it's a hobby that I love doing as long as time permits. 



Zara dress, 3.1 Phillip Lim mini pashli, Prada sunglasses, Dogeared earrings (similar here), Leifsdotter sandals

We only had 3.5 days in Barcelona, so we literally jampacked everything we could within these 3 days. Of everything we did though visiting all of Antoni Gaudi's marvelous works were beyond my favorite and most appreciated. Park Guell in particular was one of my favorites due to it's refreshing take on incorporating all elements of architecture (landscape, structural, interior and exterior) into one monumental space. Being California natives, my girlfriends and I kept joking about about how we started missing nature throughout our Europe trip, so it was refreshing to visit a historic landmark that had a good balance of it all. 



Exploring the streets of Praha 1, wearing a Brandy Melville dress 

I've heard such great things about Prague, the culture, castles, cathedrals and cityscape that I was stoked to finally visit the capital and largest city of Czech Republic. Other than the 90' degree heat storm that waved over the city while we were there, Prague was by far my favorite city gone traveled to in Europe for its authenticity and cultural flair. We spent the majority of our time exploring each Praha and visiting Old Town Square since it was in the center of all the major festivities and tourist attractions. Old Town Square was also beyond beautiful in daylight and at night. There were moments in Prague where it felt so surreal that we literally had to utilize all our senses to believe that Prague was a reality. Aside from the beautiful city, other things that made this city more remarkable were the cute hidden piano bars with tastefully crafted cocktails, the foreigners that could not stop staring at us (people kept calling us exotic here), and the peacefulness of the city at night. While I don't have a reason to visit Prague again anytime soon, I would in a heartbeat visit Prague again if opportunity arose. 



H&M overalls (similar here), Brandy Melville halter top , Ray Ban aviators, Target sandals, Giovanni Navarre leather cap
I spent my first day in Berlin exploring the streets of Mitte and couldn't help but be intrigued by the eclectic mix of street art and graffiti. I entered Germany with little expectations, but have I had made some expectations it would have by far exceeded them. I fell in love with the culture not only because of the grunge street style, but because of the diversity, club scene, historical content, amazing public transportation system and casual hip vibe. Not to mention, we also got to stay in one of the trendiest urban modern hostels of Germany, The Generator (next upcoming post). While traveling with 3 Asian American girls in Europe can spark a lot of stares, we felt comfortable here, almost as if we were home. Although the German vocabulary is also a gazillion syllables long often resulting in tongue twisting sentences, Berlin is definitely a city worth traveling to if you're into art, beer, history and the club scene.



During our time in Berlin, we had the luxury of staying in one of the most happening hostels in all of Berlin, the Generator. A colleague of mine Tania started her own booking company, The Poshpacker, a site dedicated in helping travelers find hip and affordable hostels catered towards millennials. Thus, The Poshpacker definitely helped ease the burden of searching for a hostel since all of the hostel recommendations fit well within my flair and standards. (highly recommend it for backpackers since it's also a great vehicle for finding hostels to meet new people). While bogging can definitely have its perks, I was beyond surprised when I was greeted at the front desk with complimentary stays and breakfast tokens. Not only did the welcoming greet get me amped up for Berlin, but the look and feel, the environment, rooms, additional amenities... it far exceeded all my previous Hostel experiences. Hostel living can be luxurious and affordable, and the Generator is a great example of one. Click below for more details on my stay. 



This has officially been the longest I've gone without blogging since TrendEnvy's inception. Kind of crazy... but all for valid reason! For those wondering where I've disappeared to these past few months, I recently just finished attaining my MBA, graduated this past May & as a token of reward (& much needed vacation) I went on a 3-week Euro trip visiting 5 countries. I started in the Netherlands in Amsterdam which is such a beautiful small town. Some highlights consisted of biking all around the city center aside the canals, eating fresh stroopwafles, and visiting the Anne Frank House. Because pictures always tell more than words, click below for more!



Uniqlo shirt (similar here & here), H&M skirt (similar here & here), trench coat from Korea, Schutz heels, vintage Gucci doctor satchel
Although I didn't wear this exact outfit to work (I wore it with jeans instead), it serves as a nice transformative outfit from the office to a social setting such as happy hour. I purchased this collared shirt with the intention of wearing it to work but have been surprised at the amount of times I've worn it casually away from the office.  I have though always been one to mix-and-match articles of clothing together to see how many variations of styles I can create. Thus, a collared shirt's ability to be worn professionally, then with some added sex-appeal with a skirt instead of some pants makes this outfit perfect for those on-the-go with eventful plans after work. 



Zara cropped sweater (similar here) & sheer long-sleeved top, H&M suede shorts, Zara sandals, Louis Vuitton Neverfull 

Apologies for disappearing off the face of the earth the past few months, but I'm back! I still can't believe it's been November since I last blogged. My life got incredibly hectic attempting to balance full-time work + full-time school, while trying to maintain a social life that blogging ended up getting de-prioritized. Thus, it totally felt refreshing being back out, blogging again. I've had this semi-cropped black sweater hanging in my closet for the past few days now anticipating a time to wear it. Its not everyday that I want to wear high-waisted pants, especially during winter where all I want to do is stay comfortable. Thus, I resorted to an easy fashion fix, layering. While layering over a button-up seemed too preppy for a typical Monday, I resorted to this sheer long sleeve tee (also worn here) which has also been getting neglected in my closet for the past few months. Talk about a day of pampering the neglected. 



For the music enthusiast. Love the vintage 60's Danish desk and asymmetrical lamp shade. 

Clean, feminine and modern. Patterns where appropriate, organization where needed.
Designed by Catherine Grace Interiors. Home in New Canaan, CT

A bookcase worth completing, and flooring that'll get you going
Eixample Residence by Loox in Barcelona

A fashion designers haven. Simplicity yet creativity in black and white. 

In love with the side built-in book case and mix of materials from metal, wood, porcelain, to suede
 Sunset Plaza by Smith Firestone Associates in West Hollywood, LA

Desk necessities, adornment on the walls, with a dash of floral freshness

Transform your dining room to a versatile study room.
Stockholm Home captured by Patric Johansson for Elle Interior