This has officially been the longest I’ve gone without blogging since TrendEnvy’s inception. Kind of crazy… but all for valid reason! For those wondering where I’ve disappeared to these past few months, I recently just finished attaining my MBA, graduated this past May & as a token of reward (& much needed vacation) I went on a 3-week Euro trip visiting 5 countries. I started in the Netherlands in Amsterdam which is such a beautiful small town. Some highlights consisted of biking all around the city center aside the canals, eating fresh stroopwafles, and visiting the Anne Frank House. Because pictures always tell more than words, click below for more!

Wearing Staring at Stars blouse, Target sandals, 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli, Prada sunglasses

Exploring the streets of Amsterdam one centrum at a time, came across so many cute shops and cafe’s
We walked 5+ miles and a bunch of stairs this day so occasional sit-down breaks were necessary 
Part of the garden at the beautiful Rijksmuseum
We rented bikes and rode all along the city center day 2. By far the best (& most fun) way to get around Amsterdam!
One of the many scenic canals. Although beautiful, it’s easy to get lost because everything starts looking the same
Ended the day by visiting the epic Grand Central Station of Amsterdam! 

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