Feb 25, 2014


Uniqlo shirt (similar here & here), H&M skirt (similar here & here), trench coat from Korea, Schutz heels, vintage Gucci doctor satchel
Although I didn't wear this exact outfit to work (I wore it with jeans instead), it serves as a nice transformative outfit from the office to a social setting such as happy hour. I purchased this collared shirt with the intention of wearing it to work but have been surprised at the amount of times I've worn it casually away from the office.  I have though always been one to mix-and-match articles of clothing together to see how many variations of styles I can create. Thus, a collared shirt's ability to be worn professionally, then with some added sex-appeal with a skirt instead of some pants makes this outfit perfect for those on-the-go with eventful plans after work. 

Feb 17, 2014


Zara cropped sweater (similar here) & sheer long-sleeved top, H&M suede shorts, Zara sandals, Louis Vuitton Neverfull 

Apologies for disappearing off the face of the earth the past few months, but I'm back! I still can't believe it's been November since I last blogged. My life got incredibly hectic attempting to balance full-time work + full-time school, while trying to maintain a social life that blogging ended up getting de-prioritized. Thus, it totally felt refreshing being back out, blogging again. I've had this semi-cropped black sweater hanging in my closet for the past few days now anticipating a time to wear it. Its not everyday that I want to wear high-waisted pants, especially during winter where all I want to do is stay comfortable. Thus, I resorted to an easy fashion fix, layering. While layering over a button-up seemed too preppy for a typical Monday, I resorted to this sheer long sleeve tee (also worn here) which has also been getting neglected in my closet for the past few months. Talk about a day of pampering the neglected. 

Feb 16, 2014


For the music enthusiast. Love the vintage 60's Danish desk and asymmetrical lamp shade. 

Clean, feminine and modern. Patterns where appropriate, organization where needed.
Designed by Catherine Grace Interiors. Home in New Canaan, CT

A bookcase worth completing, and flooring that'll get you going
Eixample Residence by Loox in Barcelona

A fashion designers haven. Simplicity yet creativity in black and white. 

In love with the side built-in book case and mix of materials from metal, wood, porcelain, to suede
 Sunset Plaza by Smith Firestone Associates in West Hollywood, LA

Desk necessities, adornment on the walls, with a dash of floral freshness

Transform your dining room to a versatile study room.
Stockholm Home captured by Patric Johansson for Elle Interior