TNA sweaterPaige verdugo skinny jeans,  Zara parka, New Balance sneakers

These past few weekends have been quite hectic filled with nonstop events that it's been refreshing having a weekend where I seldom have plans. Much needed down time is always appreciated especially after busy work weeks. It's also finally starting to feel like Fall in San Francisco with air so crisp that I've just been wanting to snuggle in comfortable cotton basics, drink warm drinks and lounge around. This particular outfit was thrown together with the intention of keeping warm and being able to walk around the city with little discomfort. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I'm excited to start breaking out the layers and giving some coats in my closet some love. 

photos by Josh Pyles



During my Japan trip in October the first day was spent exploring Shibuya, Tokyo. The weather could not have been more perfect for a day of shopping, sight-seeing and of course photographing. We walked a total of 11 miles this day which was brutal on my recovering ankle but Shibuya and especially Omotesando was so beautiful that I didn't mind the pain. Knowing that we'd be out and about all day, I dressed in no fuss clothing consisting of a stretchy and super comfortable halter top, elastic banded circle skirt and sneakers. Everyone thats been to Japan recommended that I bring comfortable sneakers, and I now too are one of those recommenders. 
One of the many beautiful views from a walkway overpass in Shibuya, Tokyo
While exploring Omotesando, I couldn't help but be inspired by all the cute alleyways and unique coffee shops 

The best travel companion and boyfriend I could ask for
Another cute coffee shop that we captured a picture of but didn't order from. You can only have so much caffeine a day 
At Meji Shrine stretching or something... we had major foot pains throughout the trip and often took stretch breaks haha

photos by Josh Pyles



F21 lace top, Levi's Made & Crafted boyfriend jeans, Jeffrey Campbell boots, sunglasses from Afterlife, Zara hat, Casio watch
October is one of my favorite months and it definitely flew by this time around. I can't believe it's already Halloween! In an attempt to get the most out of Halloween I visited the pumpkin patch last weekend in Ardenwood Farm in Fremont, CA. In an effort to stay comfortable and protected from the sun, I threw on the most comfortable pair of denim and boots in my closet and the largest pair of sunglasses I own. Lace tops are also super breathable which served as the perfect compliment to my outfit. Although my outfit doesn't scream Halloween, I'm definitely excited about my Halloween costume tonight ;) What are you all dressing up as?  

photos by Josh Pyles



F21 blouse,  Zara skirt, Toms leather espadrilles
I took the train to Jeonju, South Korea the day after Chuseok to visit my Dad's side of the family. Although I love Seoul, it was refreshing to visit a town where you could see history all around and old traditional customs taking place. I especially appreciated the architecture and fashion at Hanok Village. There were so many Koreans dressed in hanboks with hair so flawless you couldn't help but politely stare. My particular visit was also especially memorable because my relatives welcomed me and my boyfriend in with welcome arms. Although my boyfriend couldn't communicate with them it was heartwarming to see how Koreans always show their gratitude through generosity, mannerism, and of course food. Jeonju definitely imprinted a nice feeling in my heart and was one of the highlights of my short trip to Korea.
Jeonju Station, so beautiful
Was in love with all the architecture and detailing at Hanok Village

While my petite frame was able to fit everywhere quite nicely, my boyfriend had quite the opposite experience haha

While leaving Hanok Village, happened to capture this beautiful scenery and trail

Until next time!
photos by Josh Pyles



Lou & Grey dress, Baggu backpack, Balenciaga sunglasses, Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers
I recently got back from an 18-day trip all around South Korea and Japan and finally recovered from jet lag gaining the energy to blog. Ironically we planned the trip so early in advance that it didn't occur to us that we were traveling during Chuseok (추석) Korea's 3-day Thanksgiving holiday. Of the 4 days we were there, 2 days were spent wandering the empty streets of Seoul feeling as if we were survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Almost everything was closed and there were barely any people on the streets which accredited itself for some awesome pictures but for a very restricted travel experience. Despite many businesses being closed we did manage to find some awesome spots open such as Anthracite coffee and many beautiful site destinations. Click below to see more. 



F21 dress (similar H&M fringe dress & glamorous fringe wrap dress), Proenza Schouler PS1, Balenciaga sunglasses, Zara heels
One thing I appreciate about living in California are all the close pockets of destinations worth traveling to. This past weekend was spent in Yountville and Napa where my friends and I visited 5 different wineries. Although we didn't get a tasting at each one it felt nice to just bask in the heat surrounded by beautiful scenery. I've been super into fringe lately and especially love the way it moves that I had too much fun wearing this fringe dress all around Napa. I've been waiting for the perfect moment to bring this dress to life and it sure got brought to life in wine country. 



Chaser shirtail tee, F21 skirt (similar here), H&M denim jacket, Dolce Vita sandals, Proenza Schouler clutch, Balenciaga sunglasses
I've been in search for the perfect room plant and was stoked when I discovered a local San Francisco garden called Flora Grubb Garden that had almost every attainable plant you can think of. What made it better was that I left with the perfect room companion plant, a 3 tiered Yucca. While my attire was not exactly planned for 2-hours of garden exploration it definitely catered to the 90'f heat that unexpectedly swept through the city. A cool linen shirt and stretchy cotton skirt, which are both actually made from plant based fibers made all the walking, bending, carrying pounds of plants into my car bearable. It's ironic to think that the same plants that surround us are the same plants used to create textiles and clothes. Thank God for nature!



DIY lace top (used to be a dress), Zara skirt and heels, 3.1 Phillip Lim pashliElizabeth & James sunglasses

Whenever I go wine tasting the 3 things I keep in mind to dress accordingly are: femininity, comfort for heat, and spring-like colors. While dressing-up hasn’t been on my calendar of events recently due to my ankle injury, I still enjoy getting away to cities such as Sonoma that cater to dressing more formally then casually. Lace in particular has always been a favorite fabric of mine due to its simplicity in instantly elevating a look to be more feminine. This lace top (that used to be a dress) was actually re-created by snipping off the skirt portion. I’m not one to be wasteful so whenever I have old attire in my closet I ask myself if I’d wear it if a portion of it was altered. If the answer is yes, then I let my creative juices flow. If no, I’ll sell or donate away. Great tip for cleaning out your closet!



Topshop cropped sweater, Aritzia cami, AEO denim shorts, BP. chevron necklace, Proenza Schouler PS1, A.J. Morgan sunglasses
Last weekend was spent in beautiful Carmel, Monterey and Big Sur. Not knowing exactly what plans were in store, I packed just enough clothes to get by for different occasions while utilizing layering as a key component. One thing that's always on my travel packing list are silk camisoles because they're comfortable as an under-piece, perfect to layer under crop tops, and also great to wear independently for a more formal look. These particular photos were taken after grabbing lunch at Carmel-by-the-Sea, and also right before I rolled my ankle and sprained it real bad on the way to McWay Falls in Big Sur. My ankle turned cankle for sure. Although this unfortunate incident resulted in me not being able to walk all week, the weekend getaway was still manageably just as fun thanks to my boyfriend who was willing to piggyback ride me everywhere until I got a hold of some crutches. What a Memorial Day weekend to remember. 



Sundry plaid button up, DIY denim shorts, Ray Ban aviators, PS1 wallet on chain

It's interesting how different climates and cities really alter your wardrobe preferences. Living in San Francisco for quite some time now my style has shifted to more comfortable everyday wear that can easily adapt in different conditions (work to happy hour to dinner...). I visited Austin last weekend to compete in Tough Mudder (badass photo here) and with the recent adjustments to my attire, my typical San Francisco wear was very appropriate for walking and exploring the city of Austin. I spent one morning walking south first street to eat at Torchy's Taco and to admire storefront signs, and this plaid shirt that I've grown to love due to its breathability and color combination transferred almost too perfectly from SF wear to Austin wear. While I miss wearing heels, skirts and flaunting chic looks, comfort definitely wins especially when traveling. 



Topshop crop top, AEO shorts, Ecote fanny pack from Urban Outfitters, sunglasses from Afterlife, F21 necklace

Coachella this year was especially memorable because of the clan I traveled with, the wide array of music experienced, and the comfortable, breathable outfits that allowed me to frolic with no limitation. If you were to ask me which performers I enjoyed most, Kygo would be the first, hands down, followed by AC/DC, Lykke Li, Kaskade and Alabama Shakes. The DoLab was also particularly memorable as I've always been a fan of deep house, and if I wasn't so tired from walking 13+ miles everyday, I definitely could have exhausted my energy there. While it's great to be back home in San Francisco I sure miss the festival terrain and wearing crop tops almost everyday. 



 Aritzia silk tank (similar here), DIY Gap denim shorts (similar here), Zara sandals, Alexander Wang rocco handbag

I've always been a fan of lace and sheer, especially when used for detailing. This tank top was purchased with the intention of being worn during hot summer days, yet with California weather already mimicking summer its become quite purposeful in April. While weather is one thing I've always loved about the bay area, what I love most about San Francisco are all the eclectic neighborhoods and random nooks and alleyways within them. This alleyway in particularly was found literally two blocks down from my apartment on 24th street. Talk about spring awakenings in early April.