DIY lace top (used to be a dress), Zara skirt and heels, 3.1 Phillip Lim pashliElizabeth & James sunglasses

Whenever I go wine tasting the 3 things I keep in mind to dress accordingly are: femininity, comfort for heat, and spring-like colors. While dressing-up hasn’t been on my calendar of events recently due to my ankle injury, I still enjoy getting away to cities such as Sonoma that cater to dressing more formally then casually. Lace in particular has always been a favorite fabric of mine due to its simplicity in instantly elevating a look to be more feminine. This lace top (that used to be a dress) was actually re-created by snipping off the skirt portion. I’m not one to be wasteful so whenever I have old attire in my closet I ask myself if I’d wear it if a portion of it was altered. If the answer is yes, then I let my creative juices flow. If no, I’ll sell or donate away. Great tip for cleaning out your closet!