Sep 7, 2015


F21 dress (similar H&M fringe dress & glamorous fringe wrap dress), Proenza Schouler PS1, Balenciaga sunglasses, Zara heels
One thing I appreciate about living in California are all the close pockets of destinations worth traveling to. This past weekend was spent in Yountville and Napa where my friends and I visited 5 different wineries. Although we didn't get a tasting at each one it felt nice to just bask in the heat surrounded by beautiful scenery. I've been super into fringe lately and especially love the way it moves that I had too much fun wearing this fringe dress all around Napa. I've been waiting for the perfect moment to bring this dress to life and it sure got brought to life in wine country. 

Sep 2, 2015


Chaser shirtail tee, F21 skirt (similar here), H&M denim jacket, Dolce Vita sandals, Proenza Schouler clutch, Balenciaga sunglasses
I've been in search for the perfect room plant and was stoked when I discovered a local San Francisco garden called Flora Grubb Garden that had almost every attainable plant you can think of. What made it better was that I left with the perfect room companion plant, a 3 tiered Yucca. While my attire was not exactly planned for 2-hours of garden exploration it definitely catered to the 90'f heat that unexpectedly swept through the city. A cool linen shirt and stretchy cotton skirt, which are both actually made from plant based fibers made all the walking, bending, carrying pounds of plants into my car bearable. It's ironic to think that the same plants that surround us are the same plants used to create textiles and clothes. Thank God for nature!