my mom's vintage oversized sweater, F21 Scarf (similar here and here), Gucci handbag, J.Brand "Cameron Corset" skinny jeans
My favorite all-time winter accessory is a scarf. Scarves are practical and come in so many assortments that it's easy to find one in your style. It's also an easy way to stylize and add dimension to an outfit. What I love the most about scarves though is the variety of ways you can wear it. This simple long knitted gray scarf of mine is one of my favorites because I've mastered multiple ways to wear it. Keep on reading to learn how. 

1. Wrap it twice and tie: wrap the scarf around your neck twice, then knot the ends together so it stays bundled up and close to your chest. This is my favorite way to wear a scarf because it's more unique and provides so much warmth. You also don't have to worry about the ends of the scarf getting caught on anything. This is also how I wore the scarf in the first photo.

2. Classic twist around the neck: one of the most common ways to wear a scarf. Wrap the scarf around your neck once and let the ends hang loose. I tend to wear it this way when I'm in a rush or when the scarf is full of fabric because tying it this way is the most comfortable. 
3. Neck wrap: This style is most convenient if you have a circle scarf. If you don't have a circle scarf though like me, keep wrapping the scarf around your neck until you run out of fabric and tuck the ends underneath the scarf. This style is great if you're wearing bulky clothing and want to minimize layers on your chest since it keeps the scarf just around the neck. 
4. The loop: Grab the scarf and fold it in half so the two ends touch, then wrap the scarf around your neck once and put the ends through the loop. This style is best suited for thin or really long scarves because it helps add dimension and thickness while decreasing the length of the scarf.
The next time you purchase a scarf, see how many ways you can wear it! 



Zara green faux leather moto jacket, J Brand alana high rise jeans, Zara tank and boots, H&M beanie, Alexander Wang rocco handbag
I typically don't purchase jackets in colors outside of neural color tones but I instantly fell in love with this hunter green jacket the minute I saw it at Zara's. There was also one left and it happened to be in my size so I felt more compelled to purchase it. Does this ever happen to you too? Or is this just an excuse for shopaholics to not feel ass guilty about shopping? Although I haven't been wearing this jacket that much, it's been keeping me surprisingly warm the days I wear it. The fur collar that's removable is also key to being a seasonally appropriate jacket even after fall and winter. Definitely a great buy in my book. What do you think of green jackets? 



Zara crop top sweater and coat, H&M camisole, Paige "skyline" denim (similar raw hem skinny denim here and here),
Gucci Princetown mule loafers, Louis Vuitton handbag, stainless steel Apple Watch with leather band

As I'm slowly approaching my 30's my style has evolved to become more modern, yet none of the clothes I'm wearing is new or has been purchased in the past year (which is uncommon in the blogger world). Thats because I've found methods to remix my favorites to accommodate my evolving style. In example, I used to wear this crop-top sweater independently with high-waisted denim. Now, I wear it layered over a silk camisole which makes it more work and everyday appropriate. These jeans that I've had for 5+ years have also gone through some DIY distressing. I added that knee-rip and cut off the bottoms to make it raw-hemmed (which is a huge trend in denim). So the next time you have a favorite that you feel is "out-of-style" I challenge you to think of ways to remix it up to give you that perfect refresh.



Burberry "kensington" wool & cashmere-blend coat, Zara lace top, Paige premium denim,
Free People over the knee boots, Coach legacy handbag 
I'm not a fan of the cold nor rain which is why I refuse to leave California, but on days that it get nippy I've learned how to master cold-weather attire. In particular, I've started investing in high quality outerwear that are dual-function, sometimes even quadruple-function. The next time you're shopping and wondering if that coat is worth the price, try some of the below tactics I use to determine if it's worth it. 
  • Material: wool, cashmere and gabardine are some of the best fabrics to invest in. Wool is particularly my favorite because it's naturally water-resistant, breathable and extremely durable. 
  • Fit: fit is probably the biggest contributor in making you feel comfortable and put-together. I never buy clothes that don't fit me the way it should. Clothes should be tailored to fit you. 
  • Layering: Does the jacket have enough space to layer underneath? I like having the option to layer it over a sweater, which is my go-to attire for ultimate warmth. 
  • Color: neutral color tones such as black, grey, tan is always a safe-bet and serve as great transitional colors you can wear year-round. 
  • Style: this is often the first thing people get attracted to. While style plays a large role it's important to note that the best outerwear jackets are classics that never go out of style. Pea coats, trench coats, parkas and puffer coats are just some classic examples. 



Zara culottes, All Saints sweater, Burberry clutch, Gucci princetown loafers, Nordstrom B.P pendant necklace, Scotch & Soda Scarf
These pair of black culottes from Zara for $36 have turned into my favorite pair of pants this season. I've been impressed at my ability to wear them as frequently as I have, and at how comfortable they are. The elastic waist band is forgiving on all hips, and the wide leg gives your legs more than enough breathing room. Culottes are also just super swanky and classic. I wore this particular outfit to watch the Lion King Musical at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. Sometimes it's difficult to find comfortable formal pants that go with multiple tops, yet culottes seemed to have mastered that. I'm a fan. 



Elizabeth & James Tisha dress from RTR, Valentino rockstud pumps, Nadri chandelier earrings, Natasha couture clutch
I had the honor of attending one of my dear friends' wedding last Saturday at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. The venue was stunning and to dress appropriately for the occasion I used Rent the Runway to rent this luxurious Elizabeth & James gown. It was perfect, along with the wedding. I've known Chris since 2005, met Claudia in 2006 and their love story has always been so genuine, compassionate, and almost too good to be true. Being at that stage in life where my closest friends are getting engaged/married, it's been a blessing to see my friends fall in love with such perfect spouses where you can see and feel the intimacy of their bond. This wedding was dear to my heart and I could not be happier for their next chapter in life. Below are some of my favorite photos I captured on their special day. May #ChuangDynasty live forever strong. 

This wedding was unique in that the ceremony occurred on the staircase while the guests overlooked the balcony

In bliss with my boyfriend/date Josh Pyles (aka TrendEnvy's photographer

The ceiling of where the reception took place. The venue was stunning and had so much architectural detailing and history
With some of my best girlfriends, friends since 2005
Chris & Claudia sharing their first dance as husband and wife to Christina Perry - A Thousand Years. Such a tear jerker. 



StyleWe knitted khaki cardigan, Theory cotton tee (similar here), Paige premium distressed denim, 
Karen Walker "helter skelter" sunglasses, Alexander Wang rocco handbag, Gorjana necklace
 If you're in the market for a new Fall jacket, I recommend purchasing a long jacket in a neutral color tone as they're super versatile and always on-trend. Whenever I find jackets that go with almost any outfit and that keep me comfortable and cozy they instantly become a staple in my closet. Thus, I've quickly grown fond of this knitted cardigan from StyleWe because of it's versatility, comfort, thickness, and texture. The fact that it has pockets is also a plus. While shopping online, I came across some other favorite long jackets below. Enjoy!
  1. Angel Eyes Khaki Knitted 3/4 Sleeve Simple Pockets Cardigan
  2. QinPei.er Casual Plain Wool Blend Pockets Coat
  3. AYR "The Robe" Camel Hair Maxi Coat 
  4. Zara long beige jacket with hood



Free People over the knee boots, Zara top, DIY denim shorts
Over the knee boots are an absolute fall must-have and the great thing about them is that they're functional just as much as they're fashionable. Ok, so you might be wondering how exactly are those sexy thigh high boots functional? Well let me give you some reasons. 
  • Warmth with length: they provide you with additional warmth (especially if you pair them with thigh-high socks) and best yet elongate your figure. 
  • Tuck away strategy: Ever have a pair of jeans that fit your waist well but happen to be too short, long or just ugly on the bottom? Over the knee boots are the perfect way to wear and disguise them since you tuck it all away. 
  • Versatile: They're suitable for casual, semi-formal, and even formal wear. Just make sure you wear the appropriate clothing attire to match. Oversized sweaters, skirts, and jeans with a casual top are some of my favorite ways to pair them. 
  • Protection: like any pair of boots, they protect your feet from the rain and cold. 
  • Comfort: so this can be a hit or miss, but every pair of over the knee boots I've owned has surprisingly been more comfortable than they appear to be. One thing for sure is that they're a lot more comfortable than heels. 
If you've been eyeing some over the knee boots and wondering if they're worth it, well... they're worth it. So knock yourself out with some over the knees! 



Missguided lace playsuit, Hinge floppy wool hat from Nordstrom, Soludos platform espadrille sandals
If you're every wondering what to wear on a hot and humid day, my go-to is always a playsuit or romper. I originally bought this playsuit to wear to a Vegas dayclub over my bikini but found it conveniently appropriate to wear on other occasions where the sun gleams heat. The best thing about playsuits is that it's literally one article of clothing. Throw it on and you're done getting dressed! Since rompers don't need much accessories, I found experimenting with hairstyles to be the best compliment. Beach waves, pigtails, double buns, or a side braid are all hairstyles well suited for playsuit play. Try it out! 



Tobi mesh shift dress, Zara heels, sunglasses from Afterlife boutique
I've had this dress since April and its finally seeing light outside my closet in September. I blame the cold San Francisco weather for that. While I love this dress and the sheer details that it encompasses, I admit it's not the most movement friendly. When I raised my arms I accidentally revealed the whole bottom portion of my lace bra. Oops? Luckily, I've learned how to wear undergarments perfect for sheer articles of clothing so that exposed undergarments can appear intentional. It helps that brands such as Brandy MelvilleLove & Lemons, and Out from Under carry a variety of cute bralettes too. Some of my favorites include this lace bralette, two-toned lace bra, and this scallop bra. Intimates so cute that it makes you want to purchase sheer clothing to accompany the undergarment instead! 



Kenneth Cole Kam sneakers, Zara leather jacket, Brandy Melville sweaterBalenciaga giant city handbag
Ever since living in San Francisco I've had to swap out the heels for more accommodating flat shoes actually meant for walking. Luckily sneakers have made a huge comeback in fashion and brands such as Kenneth Cole have been upping their game to keep up with demand. I was pleasantly surprised to find these comfortable and affordable pair of white sneakers, whom I actually first saw on Kendall Jenner here. A price much more accommodating than the Saint Laurent classic court sneakers I've been eyeing. Comfortable, modern, and classic these sneakers were definitely a good buy. If you're in the market for some new sneakers below are some of my favorites for all budgets.
  1. Converse Chuck Taylor low tops, $75
  2. Adidas superstars, $80
  3. Kenneth Cole kam sneakers, $120
  4. JSlides parker platform sneakers, $135
  5. Common Projects achilles sneakers, $410



American Eagle shorts (similar here), F21 off the shoulder top, Topshop studded sandals
I've been traveling more often to Portland, Oregon these days and don't mind it at all due to the city's perfect summer, delicious food, and tax-free shopping. During this short weekend getaway I stayed at the Nines luxury hotel which was conveniently located downtown around great restaurants, shopping and bars. I highly recommend staying here especially if you appreciate design and fashion since the interior was also top notch. To take advantage of the hot weather I wore my favorite denim shorts and an off the shoulder top with an elastic shoulder band which was perfect for strolling the streets in. It's rare to dress like this in San Francisco since our summers don't feel like summer, so going out like this was game changing. 



Zara sweater and pants, Chloe drew crossbody, Gorjana gold bar necklace, Via Spiga heeled sandals
You know that feeling after you get your hair done and leave the salon feeling like a million bucks? Well, that's exactly how I felt after leaving Population Salon in San Francisco Saturday afternoon. I felt fresh and couldn't help but repeat the phrase, that new new do in my head. When it comes to hair care, I'm actually pretty low maintenance so I chose a lob cut with the intention of knowing it'll naturally grow out evenly with little care. It was also recommended by the stylist since my hair is naturally wavy which is fitting for the style. I also chose to dye my hair a natural ashy brown balayage. I've always been a fan of balayage because of how natural it looks and ability to discreetly brighten up my locks and face. It's important to choose a hair style that suits your natural locks, maintenance level preference and face shape/tone and I was pleasantly happy with my hair care choice.