Living in San Francisco has taught me how to dress up basics. People here don’t dress up, so learning how to make simple clothes more fashionable has become my forte. There are 3 simple rules to making basic outfits look more fashionable and chic. It’s all about the fit, quality, and the way you accessorize with jewelry like gold rings.

How to make a basic outfit look chic:

Fit: Fit is the easiest and most important factor when it comes to looking more chic. You probably can’t tell but I cut 3″ off these jeans to fit my height. You want it to look like the clothes were made for you. If you’re wearing something oversized like a sweater or shirt, make sure it’s obvious that the fit is supposed to be oversized and limit the number of oversized clothes you’re wearing. In example, if you’re wearing an oversized sweater, wear jeans that aren’t oversized.

Quality: It is always better to invest in a few quality basics than have a ton of cheap basics. When you invest in quality pieces you’ll wear them more, it’ll look better, and last longer. I understand everyone has different budgets though so when it comes to “quality” I’m talking more about the condition of the clothing article. Is it faded, is the fabric pilling, are there unintentional holes, is it stretched out? If the answer is yes to any of them, ask yourself if it’s worth keeping and if it “sparks joy”. It might be time to toss and replace it with something less more fresh.

Accessorize: Accessorizing is the best way to add personal flair to any outfit. Since my outfit is simple I dressed it up by throwing on Gucci sneakers, a Gucci handbag, and gold jewelry. Even if your outfit is extremely casual, wearing fashionable or upscale shoes will instantly make you more polished. Shoes and handbags are my favorite pieces to invest in since it lasts for years and makes a huge impact on your outfit.

The next time you’re attempting to look fashionable, chic and casual keep these 3 rules in mind! It’s all about the fit, check the quality, and accessorize.

Wearing Reformation hunter sweater, Black high-waisted Hidden Jeans, Gucci Ace GG bees sneakers, Gucci vintage handbag (new version here)and Gorjana jax hoop earrings.

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