When I first started blogging I remember how awkward I felt posing, especially when there were people around including the photographer. It took years of confidence and practice to figure out the most flattering poses and to have my “signature” pose down. Over the years, I’ve learned there are easy ways to stand and sit that’s naturally flattering. Below are some tips to help you pose like a blogger.

Easy ways to pose like a blogger or influencer:

Tilt one shoulder back: when you tilt one shoulder back, it adds depth to your pose, helping you look lean and less stiff. It looks pretty unnatural to stand completely upright. An easy way to tilt one shoulder back is to find a prop that you can lean against. I love leaning against railings, walls, or poles.

When sitting on steps, place both feet on different steps and sit on the edge: This is one of the best and easiest ways to look tall while sitting. The leg that is closer to the camera will look longer, while the leg that’s closer to you will bend creating a triangle shape that helps make your leg appear thinner. Also, sit on the very edge of the stair so the majority of your leg is floating. This will prevent you from pushing your fat against the floor, which often makes thighs look bigger than they actually are!

Always bend one leg: An easy way to make sure one leg is bent is to do the walking and posing trick (taking photos while walking back and forth). If you don’t feel like walking through (especially in heels like this) slightly bend one leg and lift your heel up so it appears like you’re in movement. This will help you look more natural.

Move your arms around: Handbags make great props, but if you don’t have a handbag you might be wondering, what do I do with my hands? My biggest tip is to move them around and do things you would naturally do. Play with your hair, put your thumb in your pocket, rest your hands on your face or on your hip. The most important thing is to keep your hands light and airy like a ballerina’s hands. Also, if it feels awkward, it probably looks awkward so trust your gut and pose like yourself!

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