I discovered Pepper, a bra company launched in 2017 by 2 female entrepreneurs with the mission to create the perfect bra for small chested women. For those wondering, I’m a size 32B. Although I’m used to wearing bras from various brands (my go-to brands were Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein & Natori) they’re definitely not the most comfortable. My straps would slip off, the padding felt stiff, or I’d have gaping cups which is the worst! I knew I had to try Pepper since their bras are designed for petite females, so got their “All You Bra“. If you’re smaller chested, this is THE bra to get, and here’s why…

Reviewing Pepper’s All You Bra: an everyday bra designed to flatter small chests

  • It is the most comfortable bra I own: The moment I put this bra on, I understood the hype. First off, it’s very lightweight and the material feels luxe. Second, their molded cups have a special foam padding that feels nice and hugs your breast. The padding is also the perfect amount of thickness.
  • It fits well: This is probably one of the most important aspects of a bra. This bra fits me perfectly, but what made it better was the mesh overlay. The mesh overlay stretches and hugs your breast against your chest so it eliminates gaping while providing a natural-looking lift. Their straps also have the right amount of stretch and never slipped off when I wore it.
  • Makes the perfect t-shirt bra: I love how this bra is flush meaning I can wear a tight white t-shirt over it and my breasts look smooth. They designed it to be functional and comfortable with the right amount of support making it the perfect everyday bra.
  • It’s better than ThirdLove: I posted an unboxing video on my Instagram Story and the most common question I got was, how does it compare to ThirdLove? I actually like Pepper better since its more supportive and the padding is slightly thicker. Don’t get me wrong, I love ThirdLove and their variety of bra’s but if I had to choose between the two for an everyday bra, I’d definitely pick Pepper over ThirdLove.
  • It’s a great price point: Their “all you bra” comes in nude or black and is $49. This is $19 cheaper then ThirdLove’s t-shirt bra. $49 for a bra you want to wear every day? Count me in.

Since Pepper just launched last year they only have one bra style but I’m excited to see what other bra’s they’ll launch in the future. Anyways, I highly recommend trying their bra and if you don’t believe my blog post, feel free to read their 4.5/5 star reviews.

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    August 21, 2018 at 7:29 AM

    From another perspective: I have to respectfully disagree. I was super excited to be a part of the Kickstarter for the Pepper Bra. Over the shoulder blueberry holders! It’s about time! We have arrived! And then it finally came and with it, disappointment. I’m a 36A and the All You still leaves the dreaded gaps on me (sized according to Pepper’s sizing). The other problem, the mesh makes noise when you move as it’s not attached to the padding all the way. Does make for a handy place to store cash and ID’s if you don’t want to carry a bag! Otherwise, this is the only bra I own that makes noise when I move and people around you can hear it. The cup fabric is also itchy against my skin and the mesh covering sometimes sticks to my clothes like velcro. The bra itself feels a bit cheap to be honest. It’s okay, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not worth $49, maybe closer to $25 if even. It feels like an inexpensive bra you might find at H&M or a similar store. Something cute you don’t expect to last or hold up as it’s not exactly quality.

    It sounded dreamy they way they described it, couldn’t wait to live in this comfortable and pretty bra made for the little bits! So tired of wearing bandages basically. I wanted something grown up looking. I’ve had it for a while now and only have worn it twice because I find it awkward and itchy. I won’t be buying another and wouldn’t recommend it based on my personal experience and those of other reviewers on their site having the same issues. Whatever works for everyone of course, some may find these bras fantastic just as you do! I hope that’s the case but for me, I’ll keep on looking.

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